Anne Hines

Anne Hines

Administrative Assistant

Anne Hines is an Administrative Assistant at U Advisors.  Anne has a background in marketing, office coordination and customer service. Bringing to the team a strong work ethic, she assists the team in all functions necessary to ensure clients receive the best service possible.

Anne is a graduate of the University of MN-Duluth with a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology.  Moving from Chippewa Falls, WI after 15 years, Anne and her family traded lake life for city life.  Anne, her husband, and teenage daughter still like to enjoy the outdoors though, living on five acres in Grant with their chocolate lab, Sadie.  They also return to their lake home in Chippewa Falls to enjoy boating and friends on the weekends.

Fun Facts!

Favorite Book?

“The Old Man and the Sea” By Ernest Hemingway

What songs would be included on the soundtrack of your life?

  1. Don’t Steal My Sunshine-Len
  2. The Riddle-Five for Fighting
  3. Superman-REM

Favorite Quote:

“Before you talk, listen.  Before you react, think.  Before you spend, earn.  Before you quit, try.”- Ernest Hemingway

What are you going to do when you retire?

Become an ocean vagabond!  Warm breeze in my hair and cocktails at sunset.  The ocean is my happy place and it is calling….