Great Valley Advisor Group

About Great Valley Advisor Group

Great Valley Advisor Group, Inc. was founded in 1986 as a full-service registered investment advisor.

We deliver support and confidence to independent advisors through a customized RIA platform. Great Valley Advisor Group does not have a direct affiliation with any investment company so advisors are afforded the flexibility to build a financial plan that focuses on the goals of the client.

When working with Great Valley Advisor Group, advisors generate more time to focus on their clients.

Our sole focus is giving advisors back their most coveted asset: Time. We are focused on technology, support, and a customizable business structure when bringing advisors into the financial services business. Through our various partnerships, and other key technology relationships, we are able to provide comprehensive tools for each advisor who joins GVA. Offering a plug and play structure provides the new advisor with access to a customized CRM system, customized document management tool, compensation software, as well as additional tools right at their fingertips.

The in-house technology solutions we have built at GVA allow each of our advisors to spend more time gathering and managing new assets. Our dedicated support team focuses on providing the best possible service to each advisor, hosting monthly & quarterly update calls, as well as making sure they get the right answer for their clients.

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